About Safa, 

MA, RCST, BSc (Hons), PGdip, PGCert Couns


Safa is a master healer, expert in somatic trauma healing, womb alchemy and altered states of consciousness. She is a global pioneer of group distance healing and trauma informed somatic healing. She has helped thousands of people around the world to completely transform their health and lives.


Safa brings a unique and profound depth of embodied spiritual wisdom, lived experience to facilitate deeper realms of healing. She has a unique and unparalleled degree of energetic perception that means she is able to immediately and accurately diagnose the root causes of symptoms and in the stillness of her field, create total clarity and rapid resolution for her clients.


To date, Safa has helped thousands of people around the world to heal in profound ways. People who experience her work call it 'miraculous, beyond imagination and life changing.'


Safa supports some of the world's leading somatic therapists, psychotherapists, doctors, artists, healers, shamans entrepreneurs to heal and master their own energetics.

She teaches worldwide at the School of Healing Alchemy.


Safa is a qualified has a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology specialising in the neurobiology of altered states of consciousness, ancestral lineage healing, quantum mechanisms of distance healing, integrative psycho spiritual somatic approaches to resolving sexual trauma and addiction and mechanisms of healing in utero stress and trauma.