About me


I'm Safa, the founder of Kimiya Healing and Womb Room. I'm a healer, a womb alchemist, a cranio-sacral therapist and a mystic.

I support people around the world to achieve rapid psycho spiritual and somatic transformation. I also offer powerful group healing sessions every month which are attended by up to to 45 people at a time. My work has been described as 'profound, life changing and beyond imagination.'

I am a lifelong learner, a teacher and a mentor to other therapists. I am a pioneer of depth energetic practices that can be used to rapidly heal and transform and I value impact, spiritual integrity and clarity of space.

My vision for the School of Healing Alchemy (SOHA) is to make sacred and in depth energetic knowledge and practices more accessible so that you can access your highest human potential.

Birthing this platform has required me to dig deep and i'm sharing content based on my own practices and experience.  However, at some level this is a common language. If you've found your way here, I'm sure these offerings will resonate with you.

If you'd like to get in touch with me please contact [email protected]. You can read my blog, listen to my podcasts and join my community to keep in touch.


"Alchemy is the path of ultimate awareness, the highest human potential and the gateway to infinite possibilities"