Heal Trauma, Change Your Life & Live Your Highest Potential.

The Ultimate Guide To Healing Childhood Sexual Abuse

Reclaim your power and break free from the shackles of childhood sexual abuse. This 8-week transformative course offers a comprehensive, holistic approach to healing, blending somatic  techniques with the ancient wisdom of energy alchemy.

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Healing Your Inner Child To Reclaim Your Higher Self

This transformative 8-week course is designed to guide you on a powerful journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. By healing the wounds of your inner child, you unlock the path to reclaiming your higher self and living a life of purpose, authenticity, and joy.

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Transform Pain to Purpose With Ancestral Alchemy

Whether you're breaking free from generational patterns that have held you back or seeking to expand your spiritual gifts and consciousness, this course is a must have. Deepen your journey of ancestral healing in this 8 week course and book your spot today.

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The Ultimate Guide to Self Illumination: Shadow Hunter

This 6-week immersive course empowers you to confront and integrate your deepest shadows, unlocking unparalleled self-awareness and spiritual transformation. Through guided shadow work, energy alchemy, and somatic practices, you will courageously explore the hidden aspects of your psyche, transmuting fear into power and reclaiming your authentic radiance. 

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Sacred Somatix: Healing Through Self Revelation

Embark on a profound 6-week journey of somatic self-discovery, where you will uncover the sacredness within your body's sensations. Through guided meditation, energy work, and embodied practices, you will learn to listen to the wisdom of your body's movements, releasing stored trauma and cultivating a deep reverence for your inherent divinity. 

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The Ultimate Guide To Healing Dissociation and PTSD

This transformative 6-week course provides a comprehensive roadmap for healing dissociation and post-traumatic stress that arises when the body is holding complex trauma layers. Through somatic insights and energy work you will understand exactly why and how your body and organs dissociate and gain tools to reclaim grounding and safety within. 

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Healing With Hapeh - Sacred Amazonian Plant Medicine

This short course will guide you into a self healing relationship with the spirit of Hapeh, a powerful Amazonian plant ally. You will learn to set deeper intentions, work directly with the spirit of Hapeh to cleanse your energy field and deepen your connection to the spirit of Nature.

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Introduction To Womb Wisdom Healing 

This short workshop will help you understand the power and wisdom that you hold in your womb. Explore the various levels of womb consciousness, from the spiritual to the cosmic. Unlock deeper self-understanding, cultivate self-love, and tap into the wellspring of your feminine essence. 

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