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Join a global community and enjoy powerful healing sessions every month. 

You'll also learn to tap into your innate healing abilities, cultivate self-awareness and deepen your connection with yourself and others. 

Elevate your healing journey with the power of community – join Tribal Community today!


  • 👁 Devoted to healing but feeling like you're missing genuine resonance and heartfelt connection with likeminded people

  • 👁 Interested in healing yourself and the personal and collective imprints that arise alongside other soul mirrors

  • 👁 Inspired to experience more healing alchemy, miracles and spiritual growth each month 



  • 🌐 Monthly healing and womb alchemy sessions the first Sunday of every Month @ 6pm BST (worth £200+/month)

  • 🦋 Hot seat healing where you can have break throughs on your specific issues in the support of the group field (worth £500/month)

  • 🧬 Heal yourself and others in Alchemy Lab, Safa's powerful way of teaching field energetics (worth £100/month)

  • 🫂 A community of likeminded souls from around the world to connect with (PRICELESS) 

  • 💞 A tribe to belong to so that you can be held, seen, heard and felt the way your soul is asking for (PRICELESS) 

  • ☝️ Expert guidance, insights and support from Safa and other teachers. Ask any questions, get feedback, share your journey and get support and accountability to move you forward. (PRICELESS)


  • 🏆 Get a Prize for every friend or family member you invite that joins the Tribe for 6 months! (Worth £50)
  • 💸 £50 discount on any School of Healing Alchemy Masterclass of your choice so you can deepen your healing AND grow your practice!

  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family healing - invite bring your partner and children to join you in every session and heal your family! (Worth £300/month but really priceless if you think about it)

  • 🌴 VIP invites and discounts on our Global healing retreats and transformation programmes (worth up to £250)

  • Freedom to join for as long as you like! (Of course I'd love you to stay forever, but there's no compulsion and you can cancel anytime! )

    ✅ All this for less than £2 per day!!!

    ✔️ That's cheaper than a coffee!!

    So, what are you waiting for?

    🚀 Join Today and Elevate Your HEALING!

    ⭐️  LIVE HEALING SESSIONS WILL @ 6pm BST each Month. Schedule below!  ⭐️

P.S Video Replays will be available for all sessions


What They Say:

I really feel like I have found my tribe. Sharing and connecting with each other is the best source of healing. The energy that we have shared as a part of this process is just enormous. To all the wonderful souls out here, we are all in this journey together and I'm glad our paths crossed this way.

Jo, UK

Safa's energetic perception of the group and the individual blew my mind. I felt seen and safe, and at the same time taken to my edges. I found a real sense of camaraderie amongst the other people

Lola, France

Safa’s beautiful ability to hold deeply loving, supporting space whilst also pushing, to go deeper, further into the dirt, was exactly what I needed.Combined with the group space where I found the most beautiful, powerful, inspirational, loving warriors, sharing and opening, trusting, vulnerable and fierce. They mirrored my wounds and shared their pain, they listened, heard, spoke, held, in a way that was so deeply beautiful it has given me a new concept of what is possible within humanity. I was able to express parts of myself that felt so raw, fragile and was met with strong, firm, loving hands and hearts. No shame, no judgement, no fear.

Alice, UK

Holistically deep grounding in community, led on a beautiful journey by a wonderful facilitator. Felt like a reboot, emerging in a blissfully balanced space. Seeing the reactions and faces of those also sharing the experience made me feel seen and heard and safe.

Sarah, Germany

I feel part of a community where i know my shit is real and i can share, be validated, feel i have been heard absolutely no-one judged me. I was embraced with love and made to feel important. Ireland

Orla, Ireland