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Welcome to the School of Healing Alchemy! You're here because you're ready to deepen your healing, embody your gifts and realise higher levels of human potential. 

SOHA سوها is the Arabic word for star. Stars shine through a never ending process of collapse, burn and release. These courses are powerful activations in self illumination - designed to help you embody higher frequencies of light.

Get unique knowledge and guidance into the art of energy medicine, somatic healing and spiritual transcendence.

All teachings are drawn from Safa's extensive clinical work and training as well as esoteric explorations and revelations through spiritual initiations. 


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Transformational courses for every stage of your healing journey

Whether you are just starting your healing journey or are deeply embodied and mastering your inner energetics these eye opening and unique courses will help you heal and grow beyond your wildest imagination

Level 1: Inner Alchemy

For your personal healing, inner growth and spiritual development

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Level II: Sublime Mastery

For practitioners.  Deepen and refine your energetic work and grow your practice. 

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Level III: Divine Secrets

Initiations, energetic practices and sacred alchemy for advanced energy medicine practitioners.

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What our students say

Join thousands of healers, seekers and therapists around the world and master the art of healing alchemy

Shamanic practitioner

 "I discovered these amazing courses during lockdown and to be honest it has been a huge blessing for me. I felt initiated into a new level of being and presence with my own clients in my private practice. My desires of what I want to manifest in my professional life are now gaining momentum and I am feeling more grounded in my creative approach to this healing work."

Trauma therapist

"Her knowledge is vast and all through her own explorations and experiences. These courses have helped me professionally to see my own healing gifts and abilities and also personally to become the best version of myself. These courses have been life changing! I've now found a new strength and direction in both my personal life and also in my career." 


Craniosacral practitioner

"These courses are rich on both a theoretical and experiential level. The structure is so clear. I really appreciated the physiological view of the brain & nervous system in the dissociation course. The visual representation of things like organ dissociation and detailed dynamics was awesome. It has helped me understand what to do when my client dissociates and how to serve my clients better."

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