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Your soul tribe awaits, community, group healing events and much more.

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These courses show you what's possible wherever you are in your healing journey. SOHA سوها is the Arabic word for star.  Stars shine through collapse, burn and release. The School of Healing Alchemy is not for the feint hearted. Fearless healers, it's your time to rise.


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Extraordinary transformations

Spiritual coach

"I am breaking apart because you are the most important thing that's happened to me. Of all the courses I've signed up to you have brought the limitless to life for me. Thank you Safa, for continuing to open my eyes. I'm so glad to resonate with someone who finds the world around them to be similar to how I find the world around me"

Somatic therapist

"Safa is pure brilliance. She sparkles with clarity, truth and wisdom. Her powerful energy  lays bare old patterns and gives light to new possibility. Safa helped me see my entanglements which brought understanding and awakened clarity. Her ability to feel my system at each moment was amazing and this gave me the freedom to explore, unearth and learn about myself energetically. "


Cognitive therapist

"Safa you're a force of nature. It is not by chance that you have discovered Safa. If you are ready to clear the emotional and energetic blocks, if you feel ready to soar into new heights, to experience a higher vibration, to give yourself the gift of empowerment and to create any vision into reality, then this will blow your mind and transform and heal your inner world and outer realms."

Shamanic practitioner

 "I just wanted to reach out to you and express my gratitude for the most incredible journey you held us all through. I am just amazed and blown away at the healing that took place on so many deep levels and also for the amount of space you can hold and facilitate. I admire you and there is a blunt and fire energy about you that is truly moving and I love it."

Trauma therapist

"Her knowledge is vast and all through her own explorations and experiences. She has helped me to see my own gifts and abilities and to become the best version of myself. These past 8 weeks have been life changing to me, I found a new strength and direction in my life and in my career." 


Energy healer

"Safa does an amazing part in facilitating the prompts and inspiring greater depth of inquiry. Her words are the matter that bring the group together, spirit is the amniotic fluid bathing us all. Safa holds space with upmost protection and spiritual integrity that I have ever experienced."

Deepen your healing and master your energetics

Lifetime access to cutting edge courses that you can take in your own time

Inner Alchemy: Personal Healing Journeys

For personal healing, inner growth and spiritual development

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Sublime Mastery: Energetics & Therapeutic work

Master your energetics and healing work and grow your therapy practice

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Divine Secrets: Initiations and Sacred Alchemy

Explore advanced energetics and initiations in sacred alchemy 

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Ready for radical inner transformation? 

Book a 6 week personalised healing journey- 'life changing, profound, healing beyond imagination'


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