S U B L I M E    M A S T E R Y

Sacred Somatix -Self Healing and Embodiment tools

A deep dive into feeling and working with your somatic experience and energy system to release trauma held in your body

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Trauma Informed Organ Healing for Somatic Practitioners and Healers

This course will help you deepen your visceral healing skills to support the resolution of chronic conditions at the root cause

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Spinal Reconstruction for Somatic Practitioners


In depth knowledge and alchemy that will enable you to confidently work with the spine at a physical and energetic level, help you to recognise trauma imprints held in the nervous system and recognise common conditions and how to heal them.

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Mastering the Trauma Informed Consultation

Build trust, connection and clarity with potential clients. Learn in-depth trauma consultation skills, how to conduct an integral assessment, design your case intake form, determine the stage of development of your client and create a focused treatment plan / healing roadmap that creates clarity and confidence. A safe and profound healing space begins with the crafting of a sacred container and the therapeutic relationship. The consultation is the bedrock of this.

Live demos, intake form examples and healing roadmaps are included

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Trauma informed Dialogical Skills

Deepening the healing journey with a trauma client requires you to have mastered your dialogical enquiry. This allows the client to deepen and begin to resolve the root causes of their conditions. In this course you will learn different methods of dialogical enquiry, questions to ask, the use of empty space and tone, working with buried or unconscious trauma as it arises and how to identify and work with transference.

Live demos are included. 

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Soul Based Marketing for Somatic Practitioners

This course will help you set up, grow and scale your practice using a soul based marketing approach and energetic awareness.

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