Mastering the Trauma Consultation

In this course you will learn how to structure and undertake an indepth consultation to help your clients identify the root causes that need to be addressed. You will also understand how to use the consultation to set up an effective treatment plan to support trauma resolution.

What you'll learn:

  • Pre consultation - how to design intake forms that encourage transparency and build a robust consultation process
  • How to conduct an integral assessment of your client so that you can create a holistic treatment plan that addresses the root causes
  • What to ask during the consultation and how to ask it in order to get the most insight into your client's challenges and help them to become more deeply aware of their inner work
  • How to rapidly identify the root causes of their symptoms and traumas upfront by incorporating somatic and energetic awareness into the consultation process
  • How to immediately build trust and rapport with clients so they'll know that you are the right practitioner for them and create a solid therapeutic alliance
  • Watch and learn - Live demos of real life client consultations that will give you an insight into how powerful this process can be as you go behind the scenes into what really happens in a trauma informed consultation
  • How to recognise risk factors and contraindications when you're working with clients who are holding trauma in their body
  • How to build a truly transformational treatment plan that empowers your clients, creates clarity and gets results-fast
  • Example treatment plans that were used in real client work to heal in utero trauma, childhood abuse, sexual trauma, dissociation
    Plus much more!

What People Are Saying:

Through this course I have felt initiated into a new depth with my clients. Also my desires of what I want to manifest in my practice are gaining momentum and I feel more grounded in my creative approach to this work.

Imogen, USA. Psychotherapist.

If you're sitting on the fence when it comes to taking this course all I have to say is DON’T MISS OUT! This is a lifetime (and so much more) worth of knowledge and healing all in a rapid and potent approach that might just be lifesaving for your clients.

Jemma, UK. Somatic Practitioner

During the consultation Safa immediately saw my blind spots which helped me go deeper within myself to heal. As a result my long standing beliefs and buried wounds have emerged, layer by layer. I can now connect to myself on a much deeper level now and am able to discern better, what is mine and what isn't. My sessions with my clients have gotten deeper too!

Elizabeth, USA. Therapist.

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Dialogical trauma skills for somatic practitioners

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