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The Ultimate Guide to Healing Dissociation & PTSD

Dissociation is prevalent among trauma sufferers. This course will align you with everything you need to know about dissociation including effective ways of healing it.

What you'll learn:

  • In-depth understanding on dissociation, its triggers, and how it occurs in the brain
  • Valuable tips on how to recognize dissociation during a session and ways to effectively handle it
  • An understanding of dissociation at various stages and the best approach to achieve healing

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What our students say:

I came to see Safa after repeated physical and sexual trauma and a subsequent diagnosis of PTSD. I was stuck, in immense stress and depressed. I felt like I had hit a wall with no way around and this was a life I just had to make do with. I was experiencing brain fog, migraines, was locked and paralysed in my body and couldn't sleep. I was having trauma flashbacks and emotional memories were replaying on a mental loop. I was dissociated, disconnected and spiritually lost. I was really struggling. After just 6 weeks I now have a wonderful connection with my body. I feel safe in my body now, rather than just in momentary experiences. It's been utterly beautiful coming to know my heart, my womb, and my inner child. These connections now feel embedded and at home. It's like a door has opened to a tender and caring new relationship with myself! Womb work was a whole new revelation and my relationship here is my gateway to empowerment. I am now embarking on a new journey within myself with fascination. I feel my potential has been unlocked and I am unravelling new ways of being. Throughout the programme I was held and supported in all my entirety. Kimiya Healing was an incredibly valuable and precious experience for me. I now feel stronger with this inner trust with the ability to ride the storm. I feel the sessions have really embedded peace, trust, and knowing in my entire being.

Caroline, UK. Cranio-sacral therapist

I really appreciated the physiological view in regard to the brain & nervous system in the dissociation course. The visual representation of organ dissociation dynamics was awesome. It’s helped me to understand what to do when my client dissociates and how trauma and dissociation fit together.

Pat, Switzerland. Somatic Trauma Therapist.

This course is rich in information on both a theoretical and experience-base level. The structure is so clear. This course is changing me everyday on so many levels!

Simone, France. Therapist