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Inner Child Healing

A powerful somatic healing journey to heal your inner child, from conception, to birth trauma, to attachment wounds and teenage years. 

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What People Are Saying:

There are moments I am drunk of love. This journey was amazing and radical deep in honesty! I got deeply moved. There is no stone over the other…! I am so touched to engage with my inner child and to heal here in the core line! She brings me the traumas and together we move trough. Shapeshifting gets a new power of my inner work, my inner presence. The group space is like a drug- honestly! It is universal force of love we create together in deep trust. How didn‘t wants to stay and heal so rapidly?? Feeling the love from the others is overwhelming like a wave of unconditional love! This place is magic. I am deeply gifted. Speechless! It's mad. The journey is mad, but real! Thank you so much for holding THIS space Safa. I never will stop connecting to my inner child. ❤️


The healing sessions were potent and immensely healing. The common themes between us all, the resonance, the space we all held for each other, the collective forgiveness, love and letting go with huge. I felt such a huge shift after this session. My heart is now open and full to the brim with love.


It was a deep and layered journey from in utero through to the teenage years. I feel my body and nervous system has integrated this healing and I have more resilience and capacity to hold and stay with my inner child! The healing sessions are so immensely powerful and important. The feeling of connection, of going through all of this together. Feeling seen, held and understood just makes a big difference.


I love the tools and practices to give props to work on the theoretical topics. I appreciated the structured set-up and the chapters which was clear and easy to follow. Thank you for adding the practical inputs of how to integrate, journal, work on certain topics that we understand at a theoretical level. The practices were clear and effective. This module has brought the biggest shift in me, my life, my felt sense and my deeper connections.


Initially, it was a challenge to remember many parts of my childhood, doing some of the exercises in the masterclass like the chronology exercise was surprisingly useful and allowed me to start remembering some of my childhood experiences that I'd totally forgotten. I was able to access my inner child in a way I'd not done before. I was able to really see her and feel her. I had moments of deep compassion and love for myself through this. The videos on taking on the emotions of our parents, dissociation and importance of recognizing and facing your inner child's deeper fears were pivotal in helping me to identify core wounds and emotional needs. Once Identified, I began to really see how they've played out in all areas of my life. I grieved, cried, screamed, shook and eventually came to a place of deep understanding and forgiveness. I'm now making different choices for myself in all areas of my life, choices that honor me and my inner child. The group sessions inspired me when I was heavy and wanted to just stop for a while. The group also gave me courage to go deeper


I have really enjoyed this Masterclass. Of course it was very confronting and challenging but it was necessary work to connect with self much deeper. I now feel so much more aware of what my inner child needs and wants. I also have more compassion for myself and also understand even more that my experiences are leading me down a path of deep healing. I am giving myself what I never received. I'm learning to let go of any resentment for what I did not receive emotionally. The healing sessions have been invaluable!