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From Inner Child to Higher Self: A Guide to Transforming Your Pain to Purpose

What if I told you that healing your inner child is the gateway to unlocking your deeper path, purpose and alignment with your higher self? 


You'll learn:

  • How the key to healing your trauma and building your dream life starts and ends with your INNER CHILD
  • How to safely access unconscious memories and develop a cohesive trauma narrative so you don't wait until you're 55 to figure out what really happened to you so that you can heal it
  • Feel into the aspects of your inner child's strength, courage and resilience as you go beneath the pain layers and discover who the child really is
  • How (and why) our parents mess us up (and what we can do about it)
  • How fear and trauma gets held in the nervous system of the inner child and how to release the deeper layers from your adult body
  • How your in utero world and mother's womb space has imprinted your nervous system and affected your personality development 
  • How to feel and connect when your inner child feels so far away
  • How to develop depth in your root space and safety in your body after a traumatic childhood 
  • How to heal your repressed anger, shame and self worth issues that are holding you back from building the life you truly desire
  • Why your inner child is actually your higher self (hence you keep being brought back to your childhood to do the work)
  • Discover who your parents really are (this will blow your mind and change your life)

    ou'll also get:
  • Behind the scenes footage of real life healing sessions that you can watch and learn from
  • Somatic and energetic guided healing practices that I use in my 1-1 sessions
  • Powerful healing transmissions including the Great Father Frequency (it will blow your heart open and take you to another level in your journey)


This is an incredible healing journey from conception, through your in utero world, into your toddler and teenage years. At all stages, your nervous system and energy body will have been imprinted with trauma. This is the uncovering, unwinding and unveiling of what lies beneath.


What My Students Say

I was so stuck with immense stress and a depressed state. I felt like I had hit a wall with no way around and this was a life I had to make do with. Mentally and emotionally memories replaying of trauma and loss were on a repeated loop, where now I may just glance at these occasionally without the emotional pull and distress, the motion is now forward, this is a huge relief. Spiritually I had become lost, I was really struggling. I've had times of trust in my life which had been frequently disrupted and for long periods. I now feel stronger with this trust with the ability to ride the storm as I feel the sessions have really embedded peace, trust, and knowing in my being. It's been like shedding a lot of baggage. I have a new found wonderful connection with my body. I was aware of much dissociation re childhood trauma, and it's like a door has opened to a tender and caring new relationship with myself, It's been utterly beautiful coming to know heart, womb, and my inner child. It's like I'd had wafts and phases of heart and my inner child through life; and again these connections now feel embedded and at home. I feel safe in my body for the longest period ever rather than momentary experiences. Womb was a whole new revelation and my relationship here is I believe my gateway to empowerment. I am embarking now on a new journey with fascination, as I feel potential has been unlocked that I am unravelling new ways of being. Being held and supported in all my entirety, an incredibly valuable and precious experience for me.

Tanya, USA

It was a deep and layered journey from in utero through to the teenage years. I feel my body and nervous system has integrated this healing and I have more resilience and capacity to hold and stay with my inner child! The healing sessions are so immensely powerful and important. The feeling of connection, of going through all of this together. Feeling seen, held and understood just makes a big difference.

Helen, Counsellor, UK

I love the tools and practices as well as the theoretical topics. I really appreciated the structured set-up and the chapters which made this course very clear and easy to follow. Thank you for the practical inputs of how to integrate, journal, work on certain topics at an embodied level. The practices were really clear and effective! This module has actually brought the biggest shift in me, in my life, in my felt sense and my deeper connections!

Sarah, Trauma Specialist, USA

I have really enjoyed this Masterclass! Of course it was very confronting and challenging - but it was necessary work to connect with self much deeper. I now feel so much more aware of what my inner child needs and wants. I also have more compassion for myself and also understand even more that my experiences are leading me down a path of deep healing. I am giving myself what I never received as a child growing up! I'm also learning to let go of any resentment for what I did not receive emotionally, so that I can be free within myself!

James, Life Coach, USA

I’ve put myself on trial for years. Heck, for two decades it feels like. Finding every reason possible to believe why I’m unworthy of love. And accepting that I’m not good because of my past. But it’s like all of that was disproven. I talked to my skin and told it that it didn’t have to protect me anymore. That I was in my body now. That I’ll show up and protect and defend it as I should’ve done. I apologized to my body. To my inner child. And I told myself no matter what I’ve done, I will always be worthy of love. I prayed that those that hurt me would feel this feeling. I even addressed the dark forces of the world and told them I pray they feel this feeling and cried. I just. I couldn’t stop saying “I am love” I know on a practical level there are still some things I need to shift. But I genuinely feel the energy to get those things done. I feel worthy of a good life. I feel MYSELF again. I’m never going back. They can’t touch me anymore. They can’t convince me of anything less. This is home. This is me. I AM LOVE. ​

Eva, Somatic Therapist Germany

Initially, it was a challenge to remember many parts of my childhood, doing some of the exercises in the masterclass like the chronology exercise was surprisingly useful and allowed me to start remembering some of my childhood experiences that I'd totally forgotten. I was able to access my inner child in a way I'd not done before. I was able to really see her and feel her. I had moments of deep compassion and love for myself through this. The videos on taking on the emotions of our parents, dissociation and importance of recognizing and facing your inner child's deeper fears were pivotal in helping me to identify core wounds and emotional needs. Once Identified, I began to really see how they've played out in all areas of my life. I grieved, cried, screamed, shook and eventually came to a place of deep understanding and forgiveness. I'm now making different choices for myself in all areas of my life, choices that honor me and my inner child. The group sessions inspired me when I was heavy and wanted to just stop for a while. The group also gave me courage to go deeper

Michelle, UK