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Sacred Somatix

Welcome to Sacred Somatix, a transformative 8 week Masterclass designed to take you on a deep and profound somatic healing journey. Whether you're a practitioner or seeker, this course will provide you with the tools and techniques to feel deeper and sharpen your perception.

Through this course, you will learn how to deepen your inner perception, activate your third eye, and strengthen your somatic connection. You will gain an understanding of self-awareness versus embodied self-knowledge and learn how to release trauma held in your organs, womb, and pelvis.

This course goes beyond theory and provides access to real-life demonstrations of healing in action. You will also receive self-healing practices, resources, and much more to support your journey.

Join us in Sacred Somatix and embark on a journey of transformation, healing, and self-discovery.


In this Masterclass, you will embark on a profound somatic healing journey that will transform your relationship with your body and inner self. Here's what you'll get:

  • Deepen your inner perception, third eye and somatic connection: You will learn techniques to develop a more profound and intuitive relationship with your body, helping you to access deeper levels of healing and self-awareness.

  • Self-awareness vs embodied self-knowledge: Discover the difference between self-awareness and embodied self-knowledge, and learn how to tap into your body's wisdom to gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

  • Release trauma held in your organs: Trauma can often be held in our organs, resulting in chronic physical symptoms. You will learn how to release this trauma through gentle and powerful techniques that help to restore balance to your body.

  • Release trauma held in your womb and pelvis: Trauma can also be held in the pelvic area, affecting our relationships, creativity and connection to our own femininity or masculinity. You will learn how to release this trauma and reclaim your power.

  • Access real life demos of healing in action: Watch real life healing sessions to gain insight and inspiration for your own journey.

  • Self-healing practices, resources and much more: You will receive a range of powerful and transformative tools to help you deepen your healing journey, including self-healing practices, resources and support.

Join Sacred Somatix and begin your journey towards profound somatic healing today.

What They Say:

I realized how much rage I was holding, not just from my life but also held in my ancestral lines. It was transgenerational murderous rage. There was also so much sadness. I learned how to transmute such huge emotional blocks. This has given me a lot of inner courage and trust that nothing will be too big for me to deal with or to heal. My heart has opened to more self compassion and I have learnt how to feel into my ancestral field and to heal. I actually trust the channel now. It's a channel of love. I have finally met the sacred rage and now I can feel the life force to take my forward in my life!

Isabella, USA

It was very informative and revealing. I was surprised by how much of my body sensations were from my early childhood experiences that I couldn't access with my mind or through memory. Some of the trauma imprints I healed were in utero and there was also intergenerational trauma. I understood that these events and experiences could only be felt and healed through the nervous system and energy body. I see now how my unresolved trauma impacted my somatic awareness and sensitivity. Through this course I learnt how to transmute these deeper, unconscious emotions held in my body. My healing abilities are getting stronger and I'm learning to trust myself. It has been essential to my healing and discovery.

Charlotte, UK

I found it to be a very healing module. Having lots of practical exercises to do to guide and assist with releasing is what I found most useful. It's always good to know why, which is more of the mind, but I can get stuck on knowing how to actually do what needs to be done to heal or at least integrate the emotions. This module helped me with the practical side of things which is so important.

Sara, USA