Organ Healing: Releasing Trauma Imprints from the Organs

This course is specifically designed for somatic practitioners, including bodyworkers, movement therapists, and other professionals working with the body-mind connection. If you're looking to expand your knowledge and skills in trauma-informed approaches to organ healing, this course is for you. You'll gain valuable insights and techniques to help your clients release emotional trauma held in their organ systems, leading to a reduction in chronic conditions and an overall improvement in their physical and emotional well-being. With a focus on practical, hands-on learning, you'll come away from this course with concrete tools and strategies that you can apply in your practice right away.

What you'll get:

  • Why the kidneys and adrenals are the gateway organs and how to do an effective adrenal release in minutes
  • Understanding and working with organ dissociation in severe trauma cases
  • How to take your client deeper into their own organs and the pain held there - with demos included!
  • How to support your client to recognise energetic trauma structures held in their organs
  • 10 client demos of organ healing in action! Including womb, lungs, brain, stomach and adrenals. 


What Clients around the World are Saying

I came to visit Safa during a difficult time in my life, 2.5 months after an operation to remove mastitis in my right breast. When I arrived to see Safa it had returned and I was desperate, depressed and could not imagine going under the knife again after such a short period of time.

 Safa together with her incredible assistant Rambo guided me through the healing process of both my body and mind. Not only have I resolved the recurring problem of mastitis, but I learned how to listen and heal my body and mind. Thank you Safa and Rambo for this incredible, energetic, holistic healing journey.

Magdalena, UK

I was unaware that my liver was holding on to so much sadness and trauma. Safa began to work on many areas of my body and my organs. She also encouraged me to listen alongside her, to my body. The emotions, tension and fear that left me during the sessions was incredible. Now I know what my body is capable of feeling. This peace, happiness, love and a sense of wholeness will stay with me forever and become a continued practice thanks to what Safa has taught me.

Alice, UK

After decades of disconnection Safa introduced me to my body again- my organs and my wholeness. She helped me reunite the whole of my body as one beautiful oneness. Realigning my spine was transformational! I also healed my hips, pelvis and legs. Now I can now get up from a seated or lying down position with ease. I have not been able to do this for many years. My whole mobility has improved and my body has softened.

Rhodope, UK

I came to see Safa with dissociation, upper body tension, cranial fluid leaks after a severe concussion which left me with sinus issues, headaches and a constantly runny nose. For at least six years my nervous system has been dysregulated, my body would often shake with fear and I would have lots of teary outbursts. I did not feel safe in my body and my skin was so itchy I would feel like jumping out of it. After six weeks my physical symptoms are gone. I have also healed my dissociation and learnt how to trust my own body again. I am now feeling connected with my organs and I feel my heart and brain have reconnected.

Jasmine, USA

I learned to communicate with my body and my organs, making me appreciate them at another level! I've also become more energy-aware.

Aisha, Dubai

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