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Ancestral Alchemy

You're answering the call to embark on a deep ancestral healing journey. Through this unique Masterclass you will heal wounds and patterns of survival that are far older than you. In return, you'll develop a deeper sense of grounding, purpose and connection as you release ancestral trauma patterns held in your nervous system. This course provides everything you need to journey deeper.


What you'll learn:

  • How to recognise ancestral trauma patterns being held in your body, mind and energy field
  • How to heal patterns of fear, lack, burden, suppression and other distorted survival mechanisms that you may have unconsciously inherited
  • How to feel into your ancestral field and establish a deeper felt sense of belonging to something greater than you
  • How to release ancestral trauma from your nervous system and womb and begin your journey as the new ancestor


What you'll get:

  • The truth about how to heal ancestral trauma
  • Extensive insight into the subtle energetics 
  • Self healing and somatic practices
  • Focused journaling prompts
  • Extensive resources 
  • Watch real life ancestral healing sessions

What People Are Saying:

Ancestral healing supported me to heal my paternal line and what was being held there that had affected me - religious abuse. ​ I was able to see myself more deeply, both the victim and the rebel in me. Finally, I reconnected deeply with the vastness of my womb. This has helped me stand up for myself and stand in my power.

Jasmine, USA

Deep, long-held beliefs and energetic blocks that no longer serve me have been released. I have been able to deepen my connection with my body and develop a trust of my inner wisdom. The work went beyond talking therapy, deep into the realms of healing my body, my energy field and also ancestral healing.

Simon, USA.